Law Firm Marketing

The internet has leveled the playing field.  If you’re a lawyer today, it’s feasible for your law firm to be found on search engines, no matter the size or location of your practice.  Being found doesn’t change the way people ultimately make this purchasing decision, however.

That’s still about trust, a rare constant in an ever-changing market.

Trust isn’t inspired by flashy ads, scare tactics, bad acting, impersonal icons or overused phrases.  It’s inspired by total commitment to an overarching, meaningful promise.

While the information age hasn’t altered this key decision making hurdle, make no mistake about it, it has modified your market.  Today’s consumers are empowered like never before, to the point that they’re in overload.  So, while they embrace the ability to do their own research, they’ve got seconds, quite literally, for an initial screening of any law firm.

What’s on the checklist?

They’re looking for some obvious resume points, including experience, expertise, resources and, possibly, the ability to go to trial or mediate.  But they’re also searching for clues about human qualities, such as sense of judgement, style, values, empathy and understanding.  If your marketing gives your prospective clients and referrers a taste of the real experience they would have working with your law firm, you’ll be that much closer to earning their trust, sight unseen.

Figure out how to ‘package trust’ into your logo, website, brochure and other law firm marketing efforts and you’ll also position every handshake, blog and tweet to deliver a bigger punch.

Every single time.

Bekhor Management offers law firm marketing to Toronto lawyers and small to mid-sized law firms across Canada.  To discuss how we can work together to grow and enhance your professional practice, contact us for an initial consultation, without fee or obligation, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or via web conference anywhere in Canada.