Comprehensive Benefit Solutions Limited

Michael Trowell, Vice President

“We have worked with Sandra for the past three years to assist with our corporate marketing efforts. Sandra has brought a high level of professionalism, knowledge and marketing expertise to our organization. She always takes the time to listen to our goals and objectives and works with us to design and implement effective communication strategies. It has been our pleasure to work with Sandra on a variety of initiatives and we look forward to our continued successful partnership.”


Stansbury & Company

Doug Stansbury, CPA, CA

“Small to medium sized professional firms are traditionally not very big marketers, and therein lies the problem. I realized early on that I would need professional marketing expertise to grow my firm to the size that I was targeting, but barring some of the larger marketing firms whose pricing was well beyond my budget, I found very few firms that had any significant experience in working with professional practices. While virtually every marketing professional I spoke with assured me that one of their first steps would be to get to know my business, they appeared to have very little appreciation for the differences involved in marketing a professional practice. Some would come right out and say that professionals such as myself would benefit greatly by adopting more aggressive marketing practices used in retail – another suggestion made to me was that perhaps in light of the type of business I was in, I might want to limit my promotional discounts to once a quarter!

Finally I ran across an article written by Sandra in The Bottom Line, and discovered a marketing professional that actually spoke the same language as me. I initially engaged Sandra to do some branding exercises and as with all the other marketing professionals, one of her first steps was to get to know my business. Aside from the fact that her starting point of understanding was well ahead of most, what impressed me was that she took this a step further and spent the time to get to know me personally – where my strengths lay, and what type of marketing I would be comfortable with. While this may not be important in marketing a tangible product, since the product we sell as professionals is ourselves, it is a step that should not be missed.

Since then, Sandra has gone on to completely redesign my website from the ground up, as well as work on creating my newsletter campaign and blog. While most of the creativity came from her end, Sandra’s work always took my input into account and the results were invariably something that I felt reflected how I wanted to portray my practice. I would encourage any professional that has felt at odds with marketers they have dealt with to give Sandra a call.”


Summit Natural Health Centre

Dr. Janet McKenzie, BSN, MBA, ND

“In 2007, I attended a practice management seminar hosted by a professional association, and Sandra made a presentation on marketing strategies for naturopathic doctors. I was struck by her creativity and practicality – it’s a rare combination.

Not long after that, I began my first practice in Hamilton. Because I have an MBA and years of business experience in banking, I mistakenly thought I would be able to handle the marketing needs of my practice on my own and since I was trying to be cost-effective, that’s how I proceeded. My practice did not do well. The biggest reason for this was its location, but marketing mistakes also contributed.

When I decided to start a clinic in Etobicoke, I also decided to start over in how I approached setting up my business. Sometimes the “If you build it, they will come” approach isn’t enough. There are a lot of people in the Toronto area who offer natural health care services. If you want to be seen as being special and credible, you have to have a strategy for creating that image.

I needed to be very clear about why prospective patients should choose me over another ND. When I did my MBA, this was referred to as defining your competitive distinction. Since then, the idea of competitive distinction has dovetailed with the concept of branding. I did A LOT of reading about branding, and tried again to proceed on my own. I quickly discovered it’s very difficult to develop yourself as a brand (because this is what professionals offering a service have to do – YOU are the brand). Recognizing that I needed help, I decided to consult a marketing professional because a good marketing professional helps you identify and show others what it is about you that prospective clients will appreciate most.

I interviewed several marketing firms who had handled health care businesses, including Sandra’s company. I decided to work with Sandra because we seemed to “click” right away. I felt like she had a great understanding of who I was and what I wanted to accomplish. Her proposal offered great value at a fair price.

As I worked with Sandra, what had seemed very difficult suddenly became straightforward as she patiently guided me through the process of developing my story. The marketing pieces that have resulted not only convey my credentials and experience, they also reflect my values, beliefs and personality. They come across as being distinctive from the brochures, etc. that my colleagues use because they showcase the things that make me unique, in a way that’s comfortable for me (I’m not a “showy” person so this was a big deal).
I’m in the process of opening my clinic now, and am proceeding with much greater confidence because I know my brochure, business cards, etc. have a coordinated look that represents me and my vision for natural health care really well.

My experience with my first practice taught me that just because you are capable of doing something on your own, doesn’t mean you should. As an ND, patients come to me with problems that fall outside my area of expertise, and/or my scope of practice so I refer them to practitioners better suited to their needs. As a business person, the same thinking applies. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s more effective to consult specialists.

I’ve benefited in many ways from working Sandra.”


Demand Clarity Inc.

Mike Doherty & Jeff Harrop, Retail Supply Management Consultants

“As supply chain management consultants, we often cringe when we hear about companies attempting to transform their planning processes without seeking professional help. Yet we had been using a “do it yourself” approach to marketing for over 10 years without giving it a second thought – and it showed.

In 2012, Bekhor Management worked with us to help re-brand our practice. This included completely overhauling our website, re-designing our logo and core message of differentiation and developing and launching our social media strategy.

We cannot say enough good things about Sandra. She is focused and passionate about her work. Using her approach, we discovered insights about Demand Clarity that better positioned us in the marketplace. After the first couple of meetings, it seemed that she knew us better than we knew ourselves!

She went above and beyond the call of duty in re-purposing some of our existing marketing materials and she ingrained in us some core principles and tactics to use when writing and communicating to our core audience.
We still have some learning to do, but our brand now resonates and we have Bekhor Management to thank for that!”


Cunningham LLP

Lisa Cutler, Marketing

“Sandra provided excellent guidance to help our firm implement a blog and create a new marketing package. She also provided relevant and well thought out feedback on some of our existing marketing materials that allowed us to better define our firm’s value proposition and unique place in the market.”


Carrick Design Inc.

Douglas Carrick, B.L.A.

“I wanted to send you a short note to thank you for your guidance in helping us to re – focus our marketing efforts and in creating a new brand image for Carrick Design.

The process that you took us through to arrive at a brand image that reflects our true “point of difference” in a very competitive field has been very enlightening and very well thought out. The level of research and professionalism that you have provided to date has been very impressive. What I appreciate most of all is that you deliver exactly what you promise. Also, you are not satisfied until your client is completely happy with the results.

Our new corporate image is much more professional looking; it is simple and yet communicates a flair that is very powerful. The tagline is simply brilliant and should help to set us apart from the crowd in our marketing efforts.

The preliminary work done on our web site layout also looks outstanding and works very well with our new brand image.

I have no doubt the work you have done will add tremendous value to our marketing efforts and will result in more exciting business opportunities for Carrick Design.

Thank you again for your guidance and professionalism.”


Gottesman Associates

Deborah Gottesman, P.Eng., MBA

“I am writing to thank you for the exceptional work you have done for my company.

When I hired Bekhor Management, I was expecting logo and website development that
would accurately reflect my company. I received so much more. The work that you put into each project, from the thorough needs assessment, right through to the final touches and details on graphics, was consistently of the highest standard. Furthermore, the added value that you provide has become a key success factor of Gottesman Associates. Not only did you manage the projects seamlessly and with the greatest degree of customer focus, you also helped clearly articulate the values and positioning of the company. It seems that Bekhor Management provides strategic planning and marketing direction built in to every service provided! It has drastically improved our image and focus.

We have had an enormous amount of excited and positive feedback on everything you have produced for us. You have exceeded our expectations, by far. We are definitely RAVING FANS!

Sandra, you are a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.“


David Schaeffer Engineering Ltd.

David Schaeffer, P.Eng.

“It is my practice to ignore mass mailing solicitations. Some months ago, I received one such mailing from Bekhor Management. For some reason, I was drawn to the mailing, and actually made the call. The effectiveness of her corporate brand, which prompted me to actually make a call despite my pre-disposition to ignore mailings, is in fact a testament to her ability to get the message out.

We have worked with Sandra for many months now. She has assisted us with strategic business planning, business management, brand identification, logo design, business card design, web design, and many more items. Sandra is an extremely clear thinker, and has demonstrated tremendous insight into our business. She has become a very valuable member of the DSEL team. Working together with Sandra, we have managed to clarify our corporate vision, and redefine our image internally and externally. Through our collaboration with Sandra, DSEL has become more business oriented while still retaining our core values and strengthening our employee and client relationships.

These business and marketing initiatives have strongly positioned our firm to continue expanding our operations and to meet our practice building goals.”


Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Alison Dantas, CEO

“We have worked with Sandra to develop our Business Excellence Program for members which includes the development of educational tools for business planning and marketing and having her present at our business training sessions. Her insight, honesty and strategic thinking has benefitted our members significantly and the OAND is appreciative of her skill and innovation in developing this program with us on behalf of our members.

We look forward to working with Bekhor Management and specifically Sandra to build our business program and to develop a strategic marketing program to raise the profile of naturopathic medicine in the future. If you are looking for results in growing your business or positively affecting your organization’s business potential Sandra is the person to work with.”


Galen’s Watch

Sabra Way, MNIMH, Founder and Editor in Chief
“Working with a business consultant was a new experience for me. I could not imagine a better one. I enjoyed the creative process in constructing the key brand and marketing elements for my business. Through all of this, Sandra guided me with her instincts and experience. She listened attentively to my opinions and concerns and offered solutions that worked for my company. Sandra gave me extensive educational instructions on internet processes that were foreign to me. I am very thankful for all her help. What I have learned through our business relationship has been indispensable.”


Independent Communication Consultant and award-winning author of Moondance

Karen M. Black, B.Sc., M.B.A.

“Every time I gave it my all and couldn’t imagine how I could improve my approach, Sandra made it better. Her feedback is brilliant – strategic, practical and right on the money. She didn’t shy away from having sensitive conversations in order to serve my best interest and her clear-eyed, objective and compassionate support during the times I felt personally challenged during start-up kept me on track. I cannot recommend Sandra enough to anyone who’s serious about strategically growing their business.”


Vellore Village Medical Centre

Roberto DeFilippis, B.App.Sc., D.Ch.

“Working with Bekhor Management has proven to be both positive and financially rewarding for our organization. Sandra consistently brings expertise and solid business planning experience to every session. Her skills have not only allowed us to maintain a sharp focus throughout the project but also allowed us to realize our business objective while working within scope. Sandra remains committed to both her deliverables as well as creating a strong client based relationship. Above all, our experience with Bekhor Management has been valuable and motivating and thus would not hesitate at employing her firm in future endeavors.”


Richard Librach Architect Inc.

Richard Librach, B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC

“My firm engaged Bekhor Management to develop our website after having already had two false attempts at this initiative. We were striving to create a website that would capture my design philosophy as an architect, a goal that had proven elusive to date.

Working with Sandra, however, I was seamlessly able to achieve the desired result. Her thorough process enabled us to design and implement a website that communicated our essential creative values. With Sandra’s diligence and persistence, our vision became a reality.

Sandra’s assistance in bringing our firm to this critical milestone is greatly appreciated. We have received nothing but accolades from clients and peers since the website was launched. We look forward to her ongoing contributions, as a valued member of our team, in the years to come.”


Ingeniosus Technology Solutions Inc.

Al Burkin, President

“Working with Bekhor Management has been an absolute pleasure. Sandra is very creative and brings a lot of fresh ideas to the table. Her work is thorough, imaginative and practical.

She delivers what she promises on time and on budget. I would recommend that anyone needing assistance with their business management and communications use Bekhor.”


Stanford Downey Architects Inc.

Norman Landry, B.Arch., OAA

“The strategic planning exercise we completed with Bekhor Management was very effective in helping us fine tune our operational and practice development priorities. The process was very organized and efficient allowing us to cover a lot of ground in a very short period of time. We are very pleased with the results.”


Wise Law Office

Garry J. Wise, Lawyer

“Sandra has helped us to develop a modern, coherent and accurate brand image that has very quickly expanded our visibility, competitiveness and reach in the legal marketplace. Through her effort and vision, we have been able to pursue a cost effective, dignified and successful marketing plan.This has made all the difference as our law firm grows and connects with an ever-expanding client base.”


Ontario Society of Chiropodists

Cristol Smyth, D.Ch.

“On behalf of the board of directors of the Ontario Society of Chiropodists, I would like to thank you for your presentation and participation in the 2006 Annual Conference.

The conference was a tremendous success and several requests have been made to invite you to speak at future conferences! Your presentation was fantastic, and very practical. Thanks again.”