Sandra Bekhor speaks, teaches and writes about strategic practice development across all professional sectors. The following is a chronological listing of published articles:


Delegate to break through that glass ceiling

SlawTips, March 17, 2016

Should you bother with social media marketing?

SlawTips, March 3, 2016 

Sponsorships more than just ‘slapping on a logo’

The Lawyers Weekly, March 4, 2016 issue

The untapped marketing goldmine for architects: Video

The Business of Architecture show, Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hire the right fit the first time

The Lawyers Weekly, November 13, 2015 issue

How To Turn Strangers Into Clients [Video interview]

The Business of Architecture show, September, 2015

How to Turn Competition into Referrals [Video interview]

The Business of Architecture show, September, 2015

Strengthening Your Clinical Team

The Pulse – Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Summer 2015, Issue 78

Mindfulness for Lawyers Goes Mainstream

SlawTips, Friday, June 19th, 2015

Collaborative value of a marketing consultant

The Bottom Line, Government / Compliance, March 2015

In search of the ideal client

The Lawyers Weekly – April 10, 2015 Issue

Setting the stage for a business retreat

The Bottom Line, Government Compliance – March, 2015 Issue

5 tips on marketing for law firms [Video interview]

SlawTips – February 19, 2015 Issue

Lack of focus, message can kill plan

The Bottom Line – Mid-September, 2014 Issue

Go for your goals

The Pulse – Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Fall 2014, Issue 75

Craft the right message to stand out from the crowd

The Lawyers Weekly – July 11, 2014 Issue

Getting creative with gift-giving

The Lawyers Weekly – June 27, 2014 Issue

Going bigger might not always be better – Expanding your law firm requires careful analysis

The Lawyers Weekly – June 6, 2014 Issue

Maximizing the value of referrals

The Lawyers Weekly – May 23, 2014 Issue

A firm handshake for unsure times: Trust is no longer assumed — lawyers need to earn it

The Lawyers Weekly – May 30, 2014 Issue

Should you market yourself or your medical clinic?

The Pulse – Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Spring 2014, Issue 73

Being prepared to put out fires

The Bottom Line, Forensic Accounting / Fraud – Spring, 2014 Issue

Get strategic or risk getting lost

The Bottom Line – Mid-September, 2013 Issue

Should Law Firms Open a Satellite Office?

The Lawyers Weekly – September 4, 2013 Issue

Find the path to your firm’s success

The Lawyers Weekly – June 14, 2013 Issue

Co-ordinate efforts to create strong identity

The Lawyers Weekly – April 12, 2013 Issue

Say it Loud, An Accountant and Proud

The Bottom Line – Mid-September, 2012 Issue

Maximize Marketing in an Increasingly Complex, Digital World

Canadian Vet – January 2012

Clients Don’t Care for Sea of Sameness – For Lawyers

The Lawyers Weekly – January 20, 2012 Issue

Clients Don’t Care for Sea of Sameness – For Accountants

The Bottom Line – Mid-September, 2011 Issue

Becoming a Meaningful Brand – For Vets

Canadian Vet – May / June 2011

Growing your client base with drip marketing

Investment Executive – August 11, 2011

How to find your niche market

Investment Executive – August 3, 2011

Revisiting your marketing plan

Investment Executive – June 29, 2011

Creating your marketing budget

Investment Executive – June 28, 2011

Create a newsletter that gets read – Avoid dense economic data and include a call to action

Investment Executive – May 18, 2011

Create your own newsletter – Build visibility and credibility among clients and prospects

Investment Executive – May 17, 2011

Get more from LinkedIn

Investment Executive – April 19, 2011

Choosing an Advisor Based on Their Marketing

Susan Mallin – Investment Advisor Blog – March 1, 2011

Building a Stable and Sustainable Healthcare Practice

Galen’s Watch, Complete. Relevant. CAM Knowledge. – Blog – February 2, 2011

In Unstable Times, Display Your Stability

The Bottom Line – Mid-September, 2010 Issue

Before you hit “send”: These simple tips can prevent email blunders

Investment Executive – August 27, 2010

Taking your client to lunch: Try these tips for a successful restaurant meeting

Investment Executive – August 25, 2010

How to create an effective advertising campaign

Investment Executive – August 19, 2010

A solid networking strategy must focus on creating connections

Investment Executive – August 12, 2010

How to develop good job descriptions

Investment Executive – August 6, 2010

Bekhor helps chiropodist put best foot forward

Design Edge Canada – April 23, 2010

Strategic Social Media Marketing for Veterinary Practices

Canadian Vet – September / October, 2009

Create Winning Formula for New Economy

The Bottom Line – Mid-September, 2009 Issue

Winning in the recession – a primer for Canadian professional practices

Canadian Vet – July / August, 2009

Finding ways to weather the recession storm (Jerome Watt interviews Sandra Bekhor)

Toronto Business Times – January 2, 2009

Expert Advice – A look at the consulting industry (Denise Law interviews Sandra Bekhor)

Commerce Times – November 25, 2008

Car Pool – Car sharing programs Zipcar, AutoShare and CityFlitz are going hood-to-hood to nab urbanites (Kristin Laird interviews Sandra Bekhor)

Marketing Magazine – September 29, 2008

Image a Cornerstone of Success

The Bottom Line – Mid-September, 2008 Issue

Health Care Brands That Work

North York General Hospital Foundation Website – September 2008

Business Planning Tools – An OAND guide to developing business plans for Naturopathic Practices

Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Business Planning Module – May 2008

Marketing Tools – An OAND guide to developing marketing plans for Naturopathic Practices

Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Marketing Module – March 2008

Concentrate on Low-Hanging Fruit

The Bottom Line – Mid-October, 2007 Issue

Brand Images and Communication Strategies for Architects

Ontario Association of Architects, Distance Education Workbook – December 2006 (Accredited Program)