Sandra Bekhor - Biography

M.B.A.         B.Sc. Physiology          B.Sc. Architecture 

When I meet clients for the first time they are often curious about my circular career path.

I come from a family of physicians. My dad wanted me to be a doctor (I suspect he still does!), which encouraged me to attain a degree in the Physiology Honours program at McGill University. However, being of a creative nature I ultimately decided to continue to study at McGill in Architecture.

In my first year as an architecture student, I found that I shared Frank Lloyd’s Wright’s life-long inspiration: a series of educational blocks for children designed by Friedrich Froebel in 1830, the Gifts.

Upon graduation, I initiated my career as a budding designer for Irwin Toy in Toronto. I was hired to design a new edition of a construction toy called Girder and Panel that subsequently sold at Toys R Us for many years and continues to be available on e-Bay and collector sites today.

While working under the direction of the Marketing Manager I learned a great deal about the business and marketing strategy that complemented my design skills, and as a result eagerly decided to pursue an MBA at the University of Toronto.

From 1992 to 2005, I worked in leading branding, marketing and business management roles for global entrepreneurial companies based in Toronto and Montreal.

In September 2005 I launched Bekhor Management enabling a return to my grassroots: architecture and healthcare, as a marketing and business consultant to professional practices. A natural fit.  Ironically it was neither of these fields that was the inspiration for my business. Rather, it was a marketing project for a law firm.  The extent to which this work delivered immediate benefit was an eye opener.  It helped me to see that in the environment of professional practice, there was a real need for strategic thinking and sensitivity to context. To get away from marketing for the sake of marketing and focus, instead, on what really works to achieve practice development goals.

The vision took flight. Today, I work with Canadian, small to mid-sized law, architecture, accounting, consulting, medical and other professional practices. I have clients that go back to when I started my business.  It’s been truly gratifying to watch them grow and enhance their practices year after year, from the opening of branch offices to owning a niche market, successful relaunches and more.

In addition to client work, I also speak, teach and write about professional practice development for various professional publications and associations, including: The Lawyers Weekly, SlawTips, Investment Executive, The Bottom Line, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC), Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND), Ontario Society of Chiropodists (OSC) and Canadian Vet.

So, ask yourself… what will it take for my practice to emerge?

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