Marketing CPA, Accounting, Investing and Actuarial Firms

What works?

The professionals at CPA, accounting, investing and actuarial firms are trusted advisors to any business or family. As such, it takes more for a firm to land a job than a website that matches up with a prospect’s list of requirements.

Whether they’re aware of it or not, your prospects are also looking for an intangible quality that helps them to predict ‘fit’.  They may be looking for clues about…

  • The courage to deliver needed advice, even when it’s hard to hear
  • The comfort of shared personal interests or connections
  • A temperament and style that balances their emotions
  • An ability to simplify complex ideas
  • And the list goes on…

Depending on how well informed your network is, some of these qualities may come through with word of mouth referrals. But, today’s empowered market likes to check their facts out for themselves and referrals need to stand up to your prospect’s independent research findings.

So, how can you give your prospects a sense of ‘fit’, sight unseen?

Resist the temptation to tell your audience what you think they want to hear. Instead, steep your professional identity – your logo, your website – in your passion, your values, your very culture. It’s not about avoiding the possibility of turning away a few heads. It’s about saying what will help your desired growth market feel understood.

Powerful connections are based on authentic disclosure. That’s the foundation of trust. Get that right and you will have done most of your selling before you even get to that first handshake.

Bekhor Management develops websites and logos for small to mid-sized, CPA, accounting, investing and actuarial firms.  To discuss how we can work together to grow and enhance your professional practice, contact us for an initial consultation, without fee or obligation, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or via web conference anywhere in Canada.